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Flawless outsourced bookkeeping.
Avoid fines and increase your profit.

We submit reports on time
and without errors

We take over the communication
with the inspection authorities

We legally lower
your taxes

Develop your business -
we take over the routine

Business architecture - quick solution
for outsourcing bookkeeping and legal tasks

We improve the old or create a new accounting base, put things in order and organize accounting

We prepare any contract and check the contracts offered by your partners

Our specialists are in touch 24/7, the work will not stop, we are always in touch and will answer all the questions

We multiply reduce the costs
of an accountant and a lawyer

We select a specialist who knows
all the features of your industry

For small business

We take over accounting and tax
accounting for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities

For medium business

We offer complex solutions for business development

For foreign companies

We help you to confidently develop in the Russian market

We solve any of your problems
quickly and professionally

We will help you if
you need:

  • Creation of a company from A to Z, LLC registration,
    registration of Individual Entrepreneurs, branches
  • Reorganization of Legal Entities
  • Registration of an autonomous non-commercial organizations
  • Registration of a fund
  • Registration of a nonprofit organization

We audit free of your business
and offer an optimal
package of services

We will help you if
you need:

  • Change of CEO
  • Change of legal entity, change a company name, change of company founder
  • Change in OKVED
  • Change in authorized capital

We audit free of your business
and offer an optimal
package of services

We will help you if
you need:

  • Outsourcing of accounting
  • Accounting for Individual Entrepreneurs
  • Dormant accounts
  • Recovery of accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • Bank client management
  • HR audit
  • Assistance in the electronic reporting connection

We audit free of your business
and offer an optimal
package of services

We will help you if
you need:

  • Voluntary liquidation
  • Liquidation of Individual Entrepreneurs
  • Bankruptcy of legal entities
  • Debt-free liquidation
  • Liquidate your limited company

We audit free of your business
and offer an optimal
package of services

We will help you if
you need:

  • Contracts drafting
  • Partnership Agreements drafting
  • Preparation for inspections
  • Preparation for on-site inspections
  • Preparation of documents and visit to the tax office
  • Representation in court

We audit free of your business
and offer an optimal
package of services

We will help you if
you need:

  • Financial and Management Accounting

We audit free of your business
and offer an optimal
package of services

Leave a request and get
an individual offer on our rates

We make an express analysis
and suggest solutions to your problem

We calculate the
exact cost of services

We prescribe scenarios of
development and optimization of accounting

I agree to the terms of processing of my personal data

You will be protected by an accountant and
a layer with 20-years of experience

Pay for result

You do not have to hire in-house accountant and a layer, equip working space for them and pay for their vacation and sick leave. Outsourced bookkeeping is more reliable and efficient.

We automise processes

You do not have to do bookkeeping by yourself, calculate taxes and more important - take responsibility for the above

We'll secure your money

You do not have to pay extra taxes and late fees. We will do everything to providing you tax shelters legally, prepare a declaration and submit reports on time

Personal assistant 24/7

Personal consultations in messengers. A specialist will get into tiny details of your business, correct the mistakes and take over communication with the inspection authorities

Special approach

Do you have a non-standard case? we solve any kind of problems and calculate the cost individually which allows you to use the budget as efficiently as possible

Guarantee of security

Are you worried about the confidentiality of your data? We do not disclose our clients' data to third parties. We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with each client.

How to start working with us?

Contact us at your convenience

We will ask clarifying questions to analyze your situation

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Your data will be protected. Our lawyer will prepare documents and agree with you

We make an express analysis of your company

Our experts will analyze your business processes and offer the best solutions

Conclude an agreement

You already have not only prices and terms, but also a complete understanding of the progress of the work

Try our service now

Tell us about your problem
situation and our specialist
will call you back and help!

What our customers say about us


"Print space" LLC

In August 2019, as a manager of the company "Print space" LLC, I turned to the Business Architecture company with the following questions: 1. Registration of a new legal entity and subsequent analysis of the financial and economic activities of the company in terms of market characteristics and the introduction of new production facilities, taxation methods and outsourced accounting; 2. Assistance in writing the shareholder agreement in terms of dividend policy. All questions were answered comprehensively. Substantive consultations, deadlines are met. The work process is structured, all areas of interaction are under control and tasks are completed on time. Exhaustive answers to questions are in line with modern business standards. In the future, I plan to cooperate with the Business Architecture company on an ongoing basis.


LLC "Sanosil ru"

2020, pandemic, quarantine, closed borders, uncertainty!
The plans to bring products of the Swiss brand Sanosil ru LLC to the Russian market are systematically shifting to 2021.
However, there was one more thing !!!
This is the team of Business Architecture. It was they who gave us the impulse to move on in this most incomprehensible and contradictory time.
The company's specialists quickly found solutions to all the issues that arose, organized the registration of a legal entity, with the registration of all foreign founders, covered all accounting issues, explained the specifics of doing business in Russia, and helped with the organization of the office. I recommend the company as a reliable partner, always attentive to the client and his wishes.


"Allira industries" LLC

I applied to the company "Architecture Business" LLC in 2020.
At that time, being a citizen of another country, I didn't really know how bookkeeping and reporting are conducted in Russia.The company's specialists took over all the important issues for me: control of reporting deadlines, submission of tax returns, payment of salaries and signing of documentation. Having started to to work with the company "Business Architecture" LLC, I began to see the working process as transparently as possible. I am very pleased with our interaction and plan to continue to cooperate with this company.

Our experience let us know what you need

We have prepared answers to the most popular questions for you.
If you have any questions, contact us

Do I need to submit reports if there is no business activity of the company?
Yes, you need. If a legal entity for any reason decides to suspend its activities, it's still necessary to submit zero reporting. The declaration must be submitted on time and in accordance with all the rules and laws of the Russian Federation. Otherwise, you could face blocking of your current account and a fine.
How to check an accountant?
To verify the accountant, request a reconciliation from the tax office. The FTS (Federal tax service) within 5 working days will prepare a certificate on the status of payments for taxes, fees, penalties, fines and interest. Minuses in the document are arrears. Pluses - overpayment.

Check the correctness of the turnover balance sheet.

Inquire about the latest changes in legislation. You can also hear briefly about the latest legislative amendments yourself, ask questions about them, and correlate the information with the accountant's answers.
Which object of taxation is better to choose according to the “simplified taxation”?
An individual entrepreneur or organization has the right to independently make a choice in favor of one or another object of taxation. There are two options:
1) income;
2) income minus expenses.
When choosing, it is worth considering what percentage are expenses in relation to income. If expenses make up more than 60% of income, then it will be more profitable for you to use “income minus expenses”. It is important to remember that the list of expenses that can be accepted under the simplified tax system is certain, see Art. 346.16 of Tax Code of the Russian Federation.
What affects the cost of accounting services?
The cost of accounting services is calculated and depends on the following factors:

1. The taxation system of the company (OSNO (a general system of taxation), STS-6% or STS-15% (a simple taxation system), patent (a patent taxation system), UTII (an unified imputed income tax));
2. The volume of documents processed (accepted accounting);
3. The number of employees (for which "salary" reporting is submitted);
4. Existing transactions in foreign currency (c.u.);
5. Availability of the separate account;
6. A large number of items of the nomenclature.
Is it possible to combine the program in which managers are making sets of documents with the accounting program?
Yes, it is possible. In this case, the required number of employees will have access to the database, but with certain rights.